Bishui Villa NO.3


Date: 03/2013
Location: Beijing, China
Scale: 2,645 sq.m
Status: Under Construction


Jeronimo Betancur
Andres Rocha
Baolin Xu
Alejandro Osorio, Mariana Jaramillo

My Contributions

+Developed spacial program.
+In charge of digital modeling.
+In charge of presentation documentation.
+Assisted in stone material selection and stone-curtain wall detailing.

bishui bishui

The site is located in a top-class villa community in Beijing. At the beginning, the client gave two main requirements for the villa. First, it should have a total area around 3,000 sqm. Second, most of the rooms in the villa should have fantastic view to the lake in the north. After several program options, we developed a program with a total area of 2,640 sqm which could meet all the needs of the client. As a response to the second requirement, the villa was designed in a U-shape which extended the facade facing the lake.


First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor

bishui bishui
bishui bishui