Dongtan Golf Club


Date: 03/2012
Location: Shanghai, China
Scale: 19,600 sq.m
Status: Competition


Jeronimo Betancur
Baolin Xu
Susana Posada
Esteban Guarin, Mariana Jaramillo

My Contributions

+Participated in schematic design.
+In charge of modeling for the main entrance.
+Assisted in floor plans development.
+Wrote description for the multi-media animation.

dongtan dongtan dongtan

The golf club is located in Shanghai’s Chong Ming island which is at the estuary of Yangtze River. It has a total ground area of 7,000 sq.m and will serve 300 members with a pro-shop, a tea house, a restaurant area, a spa, a swimming pool and multi-function spaces. All those spaces are linked by three courtyards integrated in the center of the building.


Traditional Chinese building form and space are emphasized by the client at the beginning. This requirement is reflected both on the composition of the space and the form of the building. The unique roof comes from the simplification and transformation of the traditional Chinese building.

dongtan dongtan
dongtan dongtan