Huashida Headquarters
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Date: 06/2012
Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Scale: 24,730 sq.m
Status: Under Construction


Andres Rocha
Baolin Xu
Juriana Giraldo
Susana Posada, Esteban Guarin

My Contributions

+Leading designer in conceptual design and design development stages.
+In charge of the site plan.
+Developed floor plans for tower core.
+High-rise building codes compliance.
+In charge of modeling.
+In charge of facade detailing.
+In charge of presentation documents.

huashida huashida huashida

This is a new urban compound development project in Shijiazhuang, one of China’s fast growing major cities. The site has an area about 85,000 sqm and is divided into 9 plots surrounding a central park. This new urban development project consists of nine office towers and one storage building. Huashida Headquarters tower is the major tower in the compound and will be the first one to be developed.


Huashida Headquarters tower has 17 floors above ground and 2 floors underground with a total area of 24,730 sqm. The height of the tower is 72m. The first three floors of the tower are commercial space; 4-6 floors are hotel; 7-14 floors are offices for renting; 15-17 floors are private offices for the developer. On the roof top is a private garden.

huashida huashida
huashida huashida
huashida huashida

The facade is composed by vertical metallic elements with varied density along the surface of the building. These surfaces are not parallel to the structure of the building and they “cross with each other” making an effect of several volumes intersecting with each other.

huashida huashida
huashida huashida