Web Application for Lewis Building

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An independent research project at University of Oregon. The goal of the project is developing a web application based on BIM and explore the potentials of WebGL in web-based BIM. To develop the web application, the LEED Platinum-certified Lewis Integrative Science Building at University of Oregon was used as a demonstration building. Please visit the project website to explore more features of the web application.

Haining Museum

Zhejiang, China

This is a competition project for the museum of Haining, China. Our proposal won first place among eight competitive proposals from high-profile international companies. The project has three functional parts: Museum, Urban Planning Exhibition Center, and City Model Exhibition Hall. While connected with each other, each part can function independently.

Peking University Kindergarten

Beijing, China

A competition project. Our proposal won first place in the competition. The main requirement for this project was to design a kindergarten that could be replicated in several cities in China. In order to achieve this, we applied the concepts of modular space and module combination in the project.

Bishui Villa NO.3

Beijing, China

The villa is located in a top-class villa community in Beijing. It was the second villa project our team had developed for the community. The villa has three floors above ground and one floor underground. It has a total area of 2,645 sqm.

Huashida Headquarters

Shijiazhuang, China

A new urban compound development project in Shijiazhuang, one of China’s fast-growing major cities. The compound consists of nine office towers and one storage building. Huashida Headquarters is the major tower in the compound and will be the first tower to be developed. The tower has 17 floors above ground and 2 floors underground with a total area of 24,730 sqm.

Dongtan Golf Club

Shanghai, China

The golf club is located in Shanghai’s Chong Ming island which is at the estuary of Yangtze River. It has a total ground area of 7,000 sq.m and will serve 300 members with a pro-shop, a tea house, a restaurant area, a spa, a swimming pool and multi-function spaces. All those spaces are linked by three courtyards integrated in the center of the building.

Ganshui Train Station

Chongqing, China

A design competition for four train stations on Yuqian high-speed train line in China. Ganshui Station is one of the four stations. It has a total ground area of 3,000 sq.m which will serve 800 people during peek time.

Misc Work

A collection of my course work for Revit course and Advanced Media course during my study at University of Oregon.

Hand Drawings

Some of my hand-drawing samples.